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Whole Dry Aged Prime Rib (Bone In)

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Whole Dry Aged Prime Rib (Bone-In)

Also known as the Delmonico, this is one of our favorite steaks and perfect for the grill.

Steaks are aged in-house for a minimum of 35 days, under precise temperature and humidity to yield a juicy, flavorful steak using our state-of-the-art Dry Ager Beef aging cabinet. Imported from Germany. 

Dry Aging breaks down enzymes in the beef to produce a protein structure that yields incredibly tender meat and a distinctive and delicious flavor.  The intense and complex flavors of dry-aged beef appear in the first three to six weeks of the maturation period. Thereafter, the flavor intensification continues.

Whole Rib Roast yield 7 - 2" bone-in steaks.  Smaller cuts are available upon request.

First Availablility is Novermber 15th.

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